There are several quality custom home builders operating in the Ottawa Valley.  What truly sets Jeff Johnson Homes apart are: flexibility, attention to detail, communication and administration, and the desire to be the best custom home builder in the Ottawa Valley.  

Flexibility – I pride myself on being open to new ideas, different options, and industry advancements.  I am comfortable working with a variety of construction systems and materials.  I focus on what is best for the project, not what is best for me.  I enjoy being challenged. Be it a tricky building site or a spectacular idea that needs to come to life, I am up for it!

Attention to Detail – My approach towards attention to detail:  create the right environment, be in the right place at the right time, and the details will come to your attention.  Creating the right environment means a clean, organized, and safe work site free from unnecessary distraction.  It also means managing the schedule to allow the various trades the space and timing they need to perform their best work.  The right place at the right time means being on-site and engaged.  It means walking crews through the plan of the day and ensuring everyone is on the same page.  It means knowing what to look for, when to look for it, and what to do if you see it!

Communication and Administration – I have a very unique background that allows me to excel in communication and administration.  My communication skills were honed while working as the Head Instructor of a white water paddling school.  I am a natural teacher and have become extremely proficient at describing and discussing complex topics with people and ensuring they understand the information.  I am still currently a master learning facilitator for Paddle Canada.  This is a huge positive for both my clients and tradesmen, as information is shared clearly and questions are answered in a way that promotes learning.  My administration skills continued to develop as a Canadian Tire store General Manager, where I was responsible for a staff of 130 people and annual sales of over $18 million.  I adopted systems, practices, and structures that allowed me to succeed in the fast paced retail environment.  Combining these two backgrounds has allowed me to become a fun and energetic builder who people enjoy working and very capable of keeping a project on track.